Personalising your learning

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There have been a number of key papers and documents in education looking at personalisation for schools personalisation and digital technologies and learning more generally. Interestingly what is difficult in a group or class situation even for the most experienced of teachers can have great benefits in how we support our own learning. As we are responsible for our own learning, through personal development planning (PDP) and continuing professional development (CPD), we should be making sure that we choose learning experiences that make the best of how we like to learn.

It may seem odd but many of us never look at how we learn. We go to school, college, university, on staff development course and events, we buy books to help us but do we ask ourselves “How do I learn best?” Many of us will have experienced different styles of teaching, learning and assessment from chalk and talk through to interactive online learning, some may have created learning materials for others to use but have you really asked yourself how you learn best?

  1. Which learning activities do you enjoy?
  2. Try out one of the online learning styles assessments
  3. Planning your learning activities to take account of your preferred way to learn.
  4. Revise your personal development plan to suit your learning style
On completion of this learning activity you will be able to:
  • Choose learning activities for your continuing personal development that best suit how you like to learn.
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