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The traditional art and design way of working was through a folder or sketchbook that you then pasted work in along with your thoughts which accumulated over time. This is still a very good way of working and is an option but it can mean for photography a lot of printing of contact sheets of photographs in a shoot along with better quality larger versions of the ones you prefer or want to comment on. Now with electronic ways of doing things either online or on your own computer there are many ways of doing the same thing but presenting the work electronically.

There are three ways for you to organise and present a learning journal, PDP or CPD portfolio:

  • Traditional folder or portfolio as a hard copy
  • Portfolio developed using programmes on your computer
  • Portfolio developed online
This links very much to the learning activity Developing and sharing your CPD portfolio

Like many things in lifelong learning and education we like you to present your work as a final piece for marking or auditing but also want it to be developed over a period of time so showing how you have developed and learnt over time i.e. reflection as you go along with presenting pieces of your work like photographs or other research including for Personal Development Planning(PDP) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

There are no formal or informal activities attached to this Learning Activity it is more about suggesting tools and ways to work to support the development of your learning portfolio.
On completion of this learning activity you will be able to:
  • Recognise the different tools that can support you to develop an offline or online learning journal or portfolio.
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