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Books by Jennifer Moon

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Jennifer Moon’s two books are very much complementary the first provides a clear and valuable introduction to the theory of reflection including the work of the leading proponents from Habermas and Dewey to Schön’s views on professional practice and reflection. It then moves on to look at reflection in the professions, taking stock of reflection and its role in learning from the perspective of educator and student but also in curriculum development and mapping learning.

This combination of theoretical underpinning and practical application means that it is very valuable for the manager or more advanced professional looking to support their own practice further or develop that of others as well as educators.

The second of Moon’s books by contrast looks more at learning. We assume that reflection is part of learning but what do we mean by learning and what is reflections role in supporting our learning?

This book answers these questions in Part I looking at a generic view of learning then in Part II exploring reflective and experiential learning including the depth quality of reflective learning the final Part working with reflective and experiential learning provides a link between the theory and the last third of the book Resources which are collection of 14 exercises and materials designed to support the introduction and use of reflective and experiential learning, for example; ‘Resource 3 A comparison of reflective writing and report or essay writing’ or ‘Resource 12 An exercise on judgement’.

Recommended for the educator, manager or advanced professional involved in supporting or mentoring students in the workplace.

Reflection in Learning & Professional Development Theory & Practice
A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: Theory and practice.
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