Referencing web pages and e-journals

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If you look at a standard reference for a journal paper, for example one of the Learning and CPD papers about citations, referencing and plagiarism, which would be a useful read. [Bryson, D. (2012) Using research papers: Citations, referencing and plagiarism. Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine 35: (2): 82-84.]

This contains all the necessary information to find the paper. This ultimately is the aim of a reference for a reader so they can look at the original source for themselves. Obviously it needs to be accurate. There is nothing worse than reading a paper and then trying to find a reference only to be unable to locate it.



One of the areas that can confuse students and authors alike is how to reference web pages and electronic journals (e-journals). The aim of this paper is to go back to first principles for referencing and see how with examples these should be referenced.

There are no formal activities built in but it woild be useful to test yourself by finding some web resources and e-journals and try to the techniques out for yourself.
On completion of this learning activity you will be able to:
  • Accurately reference web pages, blogs and e-journal papers.
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