Current issues: Consent for clinical photography

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The aim of this article is to bring to the attention of practitioners papers or topics for consideration in their practice, for review or discussion in a department or that may need raising at local or national level.

This learning and CPD activity suggests three areas that to look at:

  • Developments and changes in policies.
  • Photography of different ethnic or religious groups.
  • Mobile devices and clinical photography.

Consent to photography has been considered widely by the general public, the NHS in the UK, and local and national organizations. It continues to be a current issue even though the subject of the first Learning and CPD activity published in this journal in 2002 was Informed patient consent and confidentiality1, many changes have taken place since then in terms of technologies and public perceptions.

As an individual or as a group critically review one or more of the three different aspects of consent to photography listed below discussing the impact these may have on your professional practice and the wider implication they may have alongside local policies for your department’s care and support for patients undergoing clinical photography.

  1. Developments and changes in policies.
  2. Photography of different ethnic or religious groups.
  3. Mobile devices and clinical photography.

Examples of questions to consider:

  • What kind of a service do you provide to others?
  • What are the implications of this for your department?
  • Do you know easily where to find support for colleagues?
  • Are you taking the lead in CPD for other staff in this area?
On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • A greater awareness of current issues around consent.
  • Critically evaluated the implications for your or your department's practice.

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