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Current Issues: Patient perception of clinical photography

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The aim of this learning activity is to bring to the attention papers or topics for consideration by medical illustrators in their professional practice, for review or discussion in a department or that may need raising at local or national levels. Three areas from recent literature are examined:

  • How do patients view clinical photography?
  • Photography and social media.
  • Display of historical clinical photographic collections
As an individual or in a group critically review and discuss the impact of one or more of the topics in this paper and areas covered in the references cited for review. If working as a team it may be worth looking at a paper each or one between two people. Then consider how photography is used or could be used and the impact this may have on your professional practice or the wider implications on policies and procedures you may have in place locally.
Service provision

What kind of a service could you provide to others to replace mobile phones or their own cameras?

Are there any financial implications regarding the type of equipment you or others use clinically?

What would the cost of a breach of ethics be?

Policies and procedures

What are the implications for your department?

Do you think changes need to take place at a departmental, organizational, hospital or national level? If so what changes?

Staff support and CPD

Do you know how to find support for colleagues? Do you or could you provide them with guidance and support?

Are you taking the lead in CPD for other staff in the area?

How can you help staff understand the issues surrounding clinical photography and sharing?

Professional Practice

What is your current practice and does it need updating in the light of these papers?
On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • Critically reviewed the impact of the public perception of clinical photography on your or your department's practice.

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