The developing professional

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This learning activity looks at how a professionals' develop as they move from being a student or trainee to working as a practitioner. From the initial review of how we felt when first starting out through to how we develop and improve through reflective practice. It also addresses the issues that may arise through as we develop in professional competence but also looking at confidence and lack of confidence.

There is an expectation that we will keep on learning and developing as practitioners. That we will grow in confidence and expertise moving from just qualified to expert in a seemingly smooth transition. Unfortunately like many things in life developing as a professional is not that simple, this paper looks at how we develop as learners and professionals and some of the complexities behind many a learning journey.

From student or trainee moving to the world of work
What did it feel like when you first started out?
What support do you need to give a new starter?

Developing as a refelective practitioner
Reflect on your personal experience and think back to a time when you reflected on part of your practice with a view to taking it to the next level or just improving what you do.
Compare notes with colleagues as to how you overcame any difficulties and moved to a higher level of performance.

Confidence, overconfidence and cultural differences in confidence
Self-reflection: How has your personal practice developed and improved. Relive how you felt when things worked well.
Sharing and dissemination: Think of ways to share your achievements.

On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • Developed a greater understanding of the processes of developing as a professional.
  • Examined the relationship between performance, competence and confidence.
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