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This activity is designed to support any work that involves contact with patients, and more specifically, with the photography of patients in a clinical setting. This is an everyday activity for clinical photographers, but not for the patient, so how we support patients through the process of clinical photography is an important part of professional practice. The key aspect is to think reflectively and critically about situations.

As part of the Institute of Medical Illustrators’ (IMI) scheme for continuing professional development, worksheets will be published at regular intervals in this Journal. These are designed to provide the members of IMI with a structured CPD activity that offers one way to earn credits. It is recognized that this worksheet requires some time spent undertaking the exercises. The answers to the questions, along with any notes and reflections you make or other publications you find, should be kept in your CPD portfolio.

  1. Personal reflection
  2. The patient's perspective
  3. The relative or carer's perspective
  4. The healthcare professional
  5. What have you learnt fromm your reflections?
On completion of this learning activity you will be able to:
  • Critically reflect on how you support patients, relatives, carers and other healthcare professionals.

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