Sharing good practice

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This worksheet requires the availability of an Internet connection only, and a list of sources of information including websites and articles of interest related to sharing good practice have been included. This sheet is very much a general collaborative reflection exercise that could be used to develop a research project, write a joint paper, design a presentation, or any other mutually advantageous task.

The team and multi-professional aspects of CPD are emphasized in the Department of Health document, CPD: Quality in the New NHS, published in 1999:

‘The choice of CPD activity should take account of different learning preferences, such as peer group or individual learning. CPD plans should clearly identify where team or multi-professional learning offers the best solution, and take full advantage of opportunities for learning on the job.’1

‘(CPD should be) focused on the development needs of clinical teams, across traditional professional and service boundaries.’2


This activity takes an interdisciplinary approach to look at common skills as part of an exercise in sharing good practice. Although the exercise talks about two people it could be expanded into a team-based approach.

As part of the Institute of Medical Illustrators’ (IMI) scheme for continuing professional development, worksheets will be published at regular intervals in this Journal. These are designed to provide the members of IMI with a structured CPD activity that offers one way to earn credits. It is recognized that this worksheet requires some time spent undertaking the exercises. The answers to the questions, along with any notes and reflections you make or other publications you find, should be kept in your CPD portfolio.

Task 1. What do you do (1 hour)
Task 2. Collaborative writing (1 hour)
Task 3. Evidencing your practice - reflection
Task 4. Evidencing your practice - follow-up
On completion of this learning activity you will be able to:
  • Appreciate the roles of other healthcare professionals and their cosntribution to patient care.
  • Recognise that interprofessional working can bring benefits to all.
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