Accessible Web Design

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This worksheet requires the availability of an internet connection only, and a list of sources of information including websites and articles of interest related to accessible web design have been included. Although the tasks below are set out in logical progression, it may be that you undertake several of the tasks alongside each other, or begin with Task 6 because you need it more now. However, please try going back to Task 1 because the sequence is designed to help your practice and thinking, leading on to reflective writing.

As part of the Institute of Medical Illustrators’ (IMI) scheme for continuing professional development (CPD), worksheets will be published at regular intervals in this Journal. These are designed to provide the members of IMI with a structured CPD activity that offers one way to earn credits. It is recognized that this worksheet requires some time spent undertaking the exercises. This activity has been tested, and hours have been allocated to individual tasks (see clocks), but these are intended only as a guide. The answers to the questions, along with any notes and reflections you make or other publications you find, should be kept in your CPD portfolio.

Task 1: How do you currently set out to design a series of web pages?

Task 2: Take a close look at the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA).

Task 3: Take the lists you made from 1 and 2.

Task 4: Make a list of contacts and talk to people whom you can involve in the design process within your organization or local community.

Task 5: Keep a reflective diary or journal with ideas from your meetings.

Task 6: Take a look at a range of web accessibility guidelines and reflect on how you can include these to help make your web design accessible.

On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • Recognised the importance of inclusive design practices and the role of patients and other stakeholders in the design process.

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