Team Based Review and Reflection

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There is an idea that Continuing Professional Development is purely a solitary activity but, as with an earlier activity Sharing Good Practice, this activity is designed for a collective approach for the department that all the staff can work on together with a lead from the head of department.

The Institute of Medical Illustrators has been running its Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) Schemesince 2002 and it has been successfully completed by a number of departments, currently 11 at QAS Level 1 and 2 at Level 2. What this scheme has developed is designed to match in with other quality assurance systems and it provides a useful list of areas of activity in a medical illustration department that can be reviewed and reflected on as part of a team based activity. Indeed some of the standards directly address the CPD records of the team so involving the whole team will work more effectively as an activity. Even if some of the information required is more managerial it is really about how everyone pulls together to ensure implementation of policy through the team’s practice.

Team based activity 1 – Look at how we communicate

Team based activity 2 – Does policy match practice?

On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • Appreciate the role of team-based reflection on developing standards and sharing good practice.

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