Maintaining evidence-based practice

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This learning activity looks at Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Most fields of healthcare have a requirement for practitioners to ensure that they maintain and update their skills and knowledge. Healthcare professions, including medical illustrators, are required to demonstrate evidence-based practice through their continuing professional development (CPD) schemes.

Previous worksheets have actively encouraged you to use this way of working; for example, those on diabetic retinopathy screening, accessible web design, and patient information design. This work- sheet looks at how you can widen your evidence-based practice from the topics we may choose to those that directly impact on your personal or department’s working practices.

As part of the Institute of Medical Illustrators’ (IMI) scheme for continuing professional development, worksheets will be published at regular intervals in this Journal. These are designed to provide the members of IMI with a structured CPD activity that offers one way to earn credits. It is recognized that this worksheet requires some time spent undertaking the exercises. The answers to the questions, along with any notes and reflections you make or other publications you find, should be kept in your CPD portfolio.


What Is Evidence- Based Practice

There are a number of online resources that look at Evidence-based Medicine; Duke Hill Medical Center Library, Belsey and Snell, and the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine all have a range of resources, including presentations, that can be downloaded. For a more scientific and theoretical approach, read Marks’ paper on Perspectives on Evidence-based Practice. This is not recommended as a starting point, but for later investigation of the principles behind EBP.

Task 1. How could evidence-based practice help you?

Task 2. Try using medline to find evidence

Task 3. Critical appraisal of a paper

Task 4. Professional meetings

Task 5. Disseminating good practice
On completion of this learning activity you will have:
  • Recognised the value of evidence based medicine for your own practice.
  • Critically evaluated your role in developing good practice and its dissemination.

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